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long time no talk, wordpress.  I fell in a worm hole or something!  i haven’t posted regularly for a 1000 reasons.  of course we all make excuses we can validate but I will spare you the details and just give you a short update. chapter 1: illness the absence of health is the absence of life.  if […]

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casino camping

I took the greyhound to Detroit Michigan. I know that sounds like a terrible destination but this was before they admitted they had a problem so they didn’t REALLY have a problem yet. #bankruptcy I was heading that way for a comedy show. the trip was delightful. most of the way there I sat next to a man […]

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Courtney Kay Meyers

Courtney Kay Meyers

I keep my bitches in check with hot chocolate and hugs.

The adorably awkward but mostly absurd Courtney Kay Meyers (CKM) learned to make fun by being the butt of jokes early on with a lazy eye, leg braces, and headgear. She has since blossomed into a people-loving, social butterfly, who is well-rounded and free-spirited with a lot of drive to thrive. This spit-fire has been performing song, script, and dance since age four and now feels at home only on stand-up stages. Her humor is autobiographical, observational, and clever. Raised in various environments and failed in several occupational settings, she is highly relatable to people from all walks of life. She is a firm believer that most of the world’s problems can be mended with hot chocolate and hugs! Through comedy, CKM has made it her quest to bring people together with laughter. She made her television debut on Comcast on Demand in 2009, and is quickly becoming a fan favorite across the Midwest. CKM's first published work hit bookshelves in 2010 as she entered the world of production via radio and film. And like all shining souls with experience in church choir, she sings songs for grownups with a voice of an angel. This late bloomer is blossoming on stage, on air, on camera and off. Everything she touches turns to laughs unless the director urges to make it something else. With talents as big as her heart, CKM is on the rise and likely headed to a city near you.



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